Panama Bathroom Remodeling Picture

Panama Bathroom Renovation Picture

When doing a bathroom remodeling project in your Panama house, there are 2 basic principles: First find a competent, experienced and honest contractor with a good reputation, and second, have a solid, well laid-out design in mind before you begin the bathroom remodeling job. Perhaps you need some ideas for inspiration?  If a country style bathroom is what you have in mind, you are in luck.  Many of today’s newest trends in Panama bathroom remodeling offer a wide array of country style products with a retro edge.


What Defines “Country Style”?


Country style is a way of decorating that uses elements in a room to create a warm, inviting and informal look – a country space has that “lived in”, causal feel.  New England Shaker, French Country, Victorian, and rustic Tuscan Farmhouse are just some examples of country style.  A country décor is usually painted in muted colors to replicate an aged appearance.  Exposed brick, white beaded board or woodwork, and simple white bath fixtures are its trademarks.  Including natural textures with accessories such as baskets, mirrors, twine, tin, glass, iron and natural stone and marbles add to the authenticity.  Window treatments and upholstery are often made with vintage floral, checked or striped fabrics.  Natural finishes or painted and distress furniture give the further illusion of patinas caused by nature’s hand.


No matter what particular country style you choose, Panama bathroom remodeling should always include elements that reflect your personality and individualism. The following are some inventive, simple and easy ideas for fixtures, tile and floors, furniture, and accessories that, when incorporated into your design scheme, will result in a unique and creative bath that you’ll be proud of for years to come.




Bathtubs & Showers: A vintage claw-footed tub placed in a bathroom as its focal point is a trend that has seen a revival in recent years.  Even though tubs are still rare in Panama, this would certainly be a way to make an impression.  Manufacturers are designing roll top, footed tubs with floor-mounted plumbing or combination bath/showers with a circular shower curtain rod.

New fixtures that look old are the best of both worlds: Country charm with all the modern conveniences.   Don’t want to replace a perfectly good but plain, nondescript rectangular bathtub?  Consider dressing it up by installing paneling that echoes the existing woodwork, or paint and stain the panels to match the overall bathroom composition.  Lining shower stalls with marble, stone or the ever-popular white subway tiles, lends itself perfectly to the country atmosphere you are creating.


Sinks and Toilets:  To achieve the country look it’s best to go with pedestal sinks or vanities that are evocative of Shaker, Victorian, Baroque, and Rococo eras – many models are widely available.  Another wonderful way to bring a country atmosphere to a bath is by retrofitting a flea market find or old dresser from the attic into a sink/vanity.

Cut out the drawers and top for fitting plumbing and a drop-in sink.  Take it one step further and choose a vessel or bowl sink, which are reminiscent of the time before indoor plumbing, when washbasins were all the rage.  Protect the wood with either polyurethane or have a slab of marble, stone or stainless steel cut-to-size and placed on top to avoid warping from the onslaught of moisture.  The look is elegant and casual at the same time.  Matching styles of toilets and bidets complete the look.


Tile & Flooring


Wall and Shower tiles:  There are so many ceramic, marble and stone tiles to choose from it can be quite daunting.  Generally speaking, a country-style has neutral-colored tiles such as white honeycomb or rectangular subway tiles.  You can introduce white painted wainscoting around the main area of the bathroom and tile only around the shower and bathtub.  It might be fun to lay-in borders with small, decorative hand-painted tiles or creating a mosaic design in the floor. The rule of thumb: Keep it simple and add pizazz with decorative accents and furnishings later.


Flooring: Tile floors are the most practical and easiest to maintain, but real wood or laminate are always a great option too.  Recalling days gone by, consider wood floors painted with a checkerboard or diamond pattern, rustic wide-wooden planks, black and white honeycomb tiles, and terracotta pavers.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

The earmark of a perfect country style bathroom is found in the details.  Once you’ve chosen the fixtures, color palette and genre of your country motif, the next part is the fun part…accessorizing!  Use some imagination and whimsy.  Think homemade and homespun.  Here are just a few more accent ideas to finish-off your bathroom remodeling project in true country form:

New England Shaker

Shaker style is defined by function and austere simplicity.  Lines are clean, natural woods are common with colors limited to red, blue, yellow and blue-green.  Some interesting elements to use:

  • Rectangular and square baskets to hold towels
  • Plain pitchers and glass jars to display cotton balls and Q-tips
  • Shaker peg racks to hang robes
  • Hurricane lanterns and candle holders
  • Handmade oval boxes
  • A Shaker stool or chair

French Country

French Country style is romantic, casual, and completely charming.  The concept comes from the Provence region in the South of France –  French country atmosphere is achieved with rustic furnishings and a soft, elegant color scheme.  Why not throw in:

  • Toile de joy sink skirts
  • Dried hydrangea in silver vases
  • Small Chandeliers
  • Jars filled with soap or bath salts
  • Wrought iron furnishings
  • Monogrammed Towels
  • Brocade balloon shades on windows


Victorian interior design was inspired by the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901.  Elements include upholstered furniture, wallpaper in floral and fruit motifs, and the use of dark woods and a color palette of deep, warm earth tones.  Leaded stained glass and ornate fireplaces were also popular.  Opulent yet understated features to include:

  • Wallpaper of lace patterns
  • Gilded mirrors
  • Wire bird cages
  • Porcelain faucets
  • Wedgewood and Blue Willow ceramics
  • Stained Glass windows
  • Glass and Porcelain drawer pulls

Tuscan Farmhouse

Tuscan style country baths have a rustic, earthy, sun-backed quality.  Textures are rough, accents are made of iron or terracotta and furniture is sturdy and distressed.  A painted mural or trompe l’oeil is often found in a Tuscan home.  Here are other ideas:

  • Mosaic inlaid accent tables
  • Italian majolica ceramics
  • Antique egg baskets to hold washcloths
  • Rugged plaster walls
  • Oversized terracotta floor tiles
  • Crackle finished paint on furniture

Eclectic Country

The eclectic philosophy is simple: combine elements and styles from different time periods into one space.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match contemporary with vintage, toss in splashes of color and textures, and add personal touches wherever you like.


A Country Bath is Born


Use your imagination, explore, be bold and have fun.  Remember, a bathroom remodeling project is a wonderful way to bring the country vibe into your new bathroom and your Panama lifestyle.


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