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THE TRUTH ABOUT Construction in Panama

Why you need the best Design Build Contractor

Swimming Pool, Panama Beach House

Swimming Pool, Panama Beach House

A professional design build contractor is absolutely vital to your construction project in Panama.

If you have ever been involved with any type of construction project, you already know how difficult it can be to manage. You have architects, contractors, designers, builders and more.

Each phase of your project requires direction. And often disputes occur between each involved party. Statistics prove that almost 70% of traditional contracts go over budget. As you will see once you read this entire page, only 25% – 30% of design build contracts do the same.

Power Club Gym Panama

Power Club Gym Panama

These snags are greatly amplified when dealing with another country or language. Even if you live in Panama, you can’t be on site every step of the way.

You have probably already heard the stories of many investors from the US and other countries who lost their hard earned money. This is due to the inability to bring teams together on a project.The entire design build process in Panama is unique. Trying to go through the process without competent help can doom your project before it starts.

It doesn’t matter if you are a person wanting to build your dream vacation home.   Or if you are a large investment firm creating a new resort. Choosing Concali as your design build contractor is the best first step you can take to ensure your success.

When you hire Concali as your design build contractor, you can be assured of expert service from start to finish. We are skilled in all aspects of construction management, which means the following benefits to you.

Benefits of a Design Build Contractor:

  • Better communication between client and contractor, architects, etc.
  • Single Source – Only 1 company to coordinate with, not conflicting contractors, designers, etc.
  • Accountability – One company is responsible for the project
  • Very often a cost savings over multi-provider services
  • Less chance of going over budget
Panama City House

Panama City House


Here at Concali, we are constantly striving to be the best design build contractor in Panama. No matter what your construction, design, or building needs are, contact us first.

Let Concali construction show you why we know you will be happy with your decision.